Islamic Terror is the greatest threat to the free world.

Unite Against Islamic Terror

ISIS = Hamas = Iran

Petition to the United States and World Powers:

We urge our leaders to reject all supporters of Islamic Terror.
Do NOT join forces with Iran, Hamas and other extremists to fight ISIS.
Unite with Your Friends - Not with Your Enemies.

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We, the undersigned, insist that you adopt policies preventing collaboration with supporters of Islamic Terror. Our nation must unite with trusted allies who share our commitment to freedom for all people and all faiths. We demand that our democratically elected leaders reject any cooperation with radical regimes like Iran and Syria, as well as terrorist groups like Hamas and Hezbollah, to fight the Islamic State (ISIS).

“ISIS is Hamas. Hamas is ISIS.” – Prime Minister Netanyahu

Supporters of Islamic terror are the enemy. Iran and Hamas openly call for the destruction of Israel and America, and carry out attacks against civilians to advance their evil agendas. The Islamic State (ISIS) seeks world domination under strict Islamic law the annihilation of freedom loving nations.

ISIS, Hamas and Iran all want the same thing: the destruction of Israel, America and all democratic societies.

Negotiations with extremists are futile and only legitimize Islamic terror. The enemy of our enemy is still our enemy. History proves that extremist "allies" become the enemies we fight tomorrow.

Know Thy Enemy: The Faces of Islamic Terror

ISIS makes headlines by broadcasting their brutality. Extremist regimes like Iran and Syria, and terror groups like Hamas and Hezbollah, massacre innocents with similar savagery and bloodlust.

Islamic State of Iraq and Syria (ISIS)

Who Are They?

Jihadi rebel group consisting mainly of Al-Queda terrorists and insurgents from Iraq who seek world domination under Islamic law.

Why Are They Dangerous?

ISIS brutally murders its opposition by beheading victims and performing mass executions. Controlling swaths of land in Iraq and Syria, ISIS has weapons, money and the resources to wage Jihad and attract a massive global following.


Who Are They?

Terrorist group that rules over the Palestinian population of Gaza whose goal is to annihilate the State of Israel.

Why Are They Dangerous?

From suicide bombings to rocket attacks, Hamas murders Jews by any means necessary. Posing as a political organization, Hamas embezzles millions of dollars in humanitarian aid to finance terrorist operations against Israel.

The Islamic Republic of Iran

Who Are They?

Extremist regime under strict Islamic law that seeks to acquire nuclear weapons to threaten the West and wipe Israel of the map.

Why Are They Dangerous?

The Iranian Revolutionary Guard regularly kills Sunni Muslims using air strikes, heavy armor and chemical weapons. Iran also finances radical Shiite groups like Hamas and Hezbollah to carry out terror attacks around the world.

ISIS = Hamas = Iran

We Must Unite to Stop Islamic Terror Now!

Tell our leaders to fight ISIS with trusted allies like Israel and other nations committed to freedom for all peoples. Iran, Syria, Hamas, Hezbollah and Al-Qaeda are the same as ISIS. They are extremists who use Islamic terror to achieve their goals of world domination under strict Islamic Law. We must unite with our friends, not with our enemies.

You can make a difference.

Sign the Petition to Unite Against Islamic Terror

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